wild eARTh on wide sea

my first NFT collection
including the two series „wild earth“ and „wide sea

what ist this collection about?

I flew to Fuerteventura,
a rough raw island, where the elements rule.
you have water, earth, fire and air.
there is not much, but a lot of contrast.

you have the sea, wide, wild and powerful with the biggest waves.
you have rocks, stones, sand and cold lava in an earthy, dusty rainbow of colors.
you have the sun and feel the presence of volcanos.
and finally you have wind - a lot of it.. 

but in fact you don’t have anything there, this island is not made to live on.
everything YOU NEED is brought by civilization.
luckily they ship EVERYTHING so you still ...HAVE everything -
and this makes this place a heavenly manmade paradise.

dive into my artworks and feel the elements that created life.
these paintings are compositions of the color palette and structures the island is made of to capture different aspects of its spirit.

this work is a series of paintings created in a traditionally hand painted yet digital way.
the collection including the two series „wild earth“ and „wide sea” with ten unique pieces each (2 x 10 x 1/1).

contact me if..
– you need general information about NFTs and how to purchase them
– you have questions about my collection and artworks
– you want to make an offer